Thursday, September 4, 2014

If everyone's reaction to stress was like mine, I'm pretty sure the recession would have never happened.

Several years ago I was having, what has so far been, the worst day of my life:  I attended a funeral, rear-ended a car at a stop light, accidentally called my ex boyfriend while attempting to contact the police about the accident (the numbers were just one digit different. Muscle memory took over.) No matter, I thought,  I was going out with my friends that night, I could just laugh it all off. And then as I was walking into a bar, a drunk asshole who I had never spoken to or interacted with, singled me out of the group and called me a bitch for No. Damn. Reason.

I was 22. I decided to forget about the whole day by drinking a triple shot of tequila. Spoiler alert: that turned out not to be the smartest decision I've ever made.

I hurt so badly the next morning I could barely muster the strength to drag my butt to a wedding that afternoon.  But being in your 20's is all about rallying, and  I had RSVP'd "yes." I didn't bother to put on makeup,  I just threw on a dress and dragged my butt into the church. I was late, but I was there. Turned out I picked the wrong door, though, as I found myself face to face with the bride, RIGHT before she walked down the aisle.

After nearly dying of mortification and the most hideous hangover I've ever experienced, I decided triple shots were not the answer to life's problems.

So what's a girl to do when life gets stressful? In true girl fashion, I started buying things. Frivolous, unnecessary and expensive, things.  Something I would not normally purchase for myself. Example?

After my family dog passed away; I bought my first iPhone.

I got in (another) car accident; I bought a plane ticket to Europe.

Most recently, my best friend from work retired. I bought a skirt from Anthropologie. FULL PRICE.
In my defense, I'm not running to the store every time I feel the least bit stressed. Its every once in awhile, when life is overwhelming with bad,  I break down and abuse my credit card. If I was running to Anthro every time my boss was a jerk , we'd have a real problem.  At least now my stress reaction has long term benefits: a sweet statement skirt added to my wardrobe and a phone with 4G.
I'm not saying this is a healthy coping mechanism. I'm not suggesting YOU do the same. In fact, if you have a better suggestion how to deal with stress, please tell me! If I ever had a real life disaster, this habit could kill my credit score. 


  1. love ur killer skirt , forever a fan here ,,, xoxo


  2. lol - i'm a lot like you. when i get upset or stressed i buy things. it makes me happy. it makes my husband mad. oops. this month i am trying not to shop at all - i told my husband clothes, bags etc. books dont count, and i have already bought 8. i just like buying things..

  3. This is how I handle things when I get sad or something doesn't go my way. Breakup? Oh man, watch out credit cards lol (I also do this with food, also not the greatest). We all have our 'things', as long as you can find balance (the hard part), I think it's a perfectly acceptable way to manage stress. Also, I need you to know that I am in the airport and I laughed out loud when I got to "FULL PRICE", damn you, Anthro. No regrets.
    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  4. Also, the three shots thing. I've gone down this route more times than I'd like to admit...not sure I've totally learned my lesson yet, but hopefully soon..

  5. I do shopping therapy when I'm stressed. I think it's just my way of having JUST ONE THING under my control when all the rest of the world is going crazy!