Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Guide

You may or may not have seen this video about my adopted home town: The Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Video.

My brother (who has never stepped foot in Cleveland) got a kick out of sending this to me, so I know it went a little viral.  And while certain aspects of it are true (W6th really is for D-bags) it does not highlight any of the good Cleveland has going for it. So I set out to make a list of the best of the best. A handy guide for anyone travelling there, and a sort of time capsule for me. Something to retain my favorites in this porous brain of mine.

For your consideration I present "Shelly's Favorite Cleveland things: an admittedly West-side Skewed List of Recommendations."

Best breakfast:
Lucky's Café (best for weekends, their breakfast menu during the week is limited)
Borderline Cafe (Cash Only. Very small restaurant so there can often be a wait, if you're getting too hangry and can't wait any longer go to Blackbird Bakery around the corner)
Inn on Coventry

Best Lunch
Happy Dog A sort of pick your adventure hot dog place. They give you a list of 50 different toppings and you can pick as many as you want for $5/dog. Get the tots, not the French fries. (good anytime of day, actually,  they serve hot dogs from open-close at 2am)
Gourmands (not actually in Cleveland, about 10 miles south of the city)
Melt (you wont need to eat anything else all day)

Best Dinner
Something for everyone/family friendly: Joe's Deli
Special Occasion: Cork and Cleaver Social Kitchen, Georgetown (can't get the link to work but its at 18515 Detroit Ave, Lakewood, OH)
Angie's Soul Food
Sushi: Pacific East
Mexican: Momocho or El Carnicero (El C is larger and usually easier to get in, but they are owned by the same guy and equally delicious)
Hole in the wall/Something Different: Ha Ahn (Korean) No website, they can be found at 3030 Superior Ave.

Ice cream: Mitchel's (Go to the one on W25th and you can watch it being made)
Ice cream: Sweet Moses Old fashioned style sundaes and drinks like egg creams and fizzes. Worth checking out for the atmosphere alone.
Donuts: Brew Nuts they are only open until they sell out, which usually happens fast.

Events to catch:
The Flea
Parade at the Circle
Dyngus Day
St Patty's day
Watch one of our three professional sports teams lose, one for every season!

Stores to shop
Sweet Lorain and Flower Child for Vintage
Cleveland Clothing Co for Cleveland paraphernalia

Hikes to Hike
South Chagrin Reservation
Rocky River

Walkable Neighborhoods
Detroit Shoreway (historic movie theater, bars, independent clothes stores, including Yellowcake, run by Project Runway contestant Valerie Mayen)
Tremont - hipsters, art galleries, grungy/trendy bars and restaurants. Where most people head to on weekends and Fridays.
Coventry (Food, College bars, Grog Shop (a concert venue))
Little Italy (gelato and more Italian restaurants than you'll know what to do with)
W25th Street- Preppy trendy area of town, go here if you're a football fan or a craft beer drinker as you'll have Great Lakes Brewery and Market Garden Brewery right across the street from another, and the BierMarkt, a bar specializing in Belgian beers)

Tourist attractions:
As corny as it may be, I really liked the Goodtime boat
Go up to the top of the Terminal Tower
Cleveland Art Museum is just stunning. Even if you don't have time to walk around the whole thing, just go in and have lunch at the café and marvel at the atrium (as seen in the avengers)
Tour of the Great Lakes Brewery
West Side Market
Melt Bar and Grilled - this is a grilled cheese restaurant so technically it should qualify under food but it's become so well known through features on the Food Network, I think of it more as a tourist attraction.

Happy Hour:
Georgetown (as seen in my dinner recs)
Velvet Tango Room

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Be kind to your future self

I screw myself over a lot. I don't mean to, but it happens. Example:  It's any old weeknight and I need to pack my lunch for work the following day, but this Netflix marathon is really hard to tear myself away from.

I know if I wait until the morning to pack, it won't happen.
I know packing a lunch is an easy way to save money and spares me from having to go out in the cold the following day.
I know the consequences of not packing my lunch.

…But those problems? Those are Future Shelly's problems. And I hit play on another episode.
Studies have shown when we think of our future selves we don't even recognize us. Future Shelly is a stranger to my brain. Whoa. That's why it's so easy for me consistently  eschew bed time and house hold chores until I'm reduced to a sleep deprived zombie living in the human equivalent of a pig pen. How can I stop the madness?
Since I've been managing to stick to most of my 2015 resolutions/goals/intentions, I think I can reasonably handle adding one more: To conscientiously make decisions that are kind to my future self. By attempting to live life this way, I think the rest of my goals will fall in line naturally.

Ways to be kind to your future self, big and small?

Drink water after a night of drinking. And all the time.
Pack your lunch for work the night before.
Fill your gas tank up when the light comes on, don't wait till the next morning when you are invariably running late to work.
Exercise regularly.
Wear sunscreen.
Don’t go to bed with a sink full of dirty dishes
Don't throw your clothes on the floor. Dirty clothes hamper or back in the closet.
Save for retirement.

So the next time I’m stuck in my comfortable butt-groove on the couch, I will ask myself: is this being kind to my future self? Have I washed the dishes? Have I worked out? Have I packed my lunch...Jeeze, Future-Shelly sure does sound like a nag. Now I get why I'm usually such a bitch to her.

Friday, February 27, 2015

February in Pictures

I'm posting this a day early, kind of banking on nothing interesting or photo worthy happening in the next day and a half. If it does, there's always the update button.

February was marked by several cycles of heavy snow, followed by unseasonably warm weather, followed by snow again. I'm not complaining. I like the snow, but it's nice to get a break from winter, in winter.

I'm obsessed with tortas, a type of Mexican sandwich. 

Pausing on a hike.

Flat tire blues

Hair update. Come a long way from the pixie

Have you seen these buggy escalators at Ikea? Do you say buggy or cart? I usually say cart but everyone seems to say buggy in Denver.

Ikea, bad for my wallet, great for my step count. 

Somewhere in there is a biscuit. Valentine's Day brunch at Denver Biscuit Company.

Biscuit cinnamon roll.

Biking on North Table Mountain

Lobster consensus: buncha hype


Snow Mustache 

Cloudy and sunny in Denver

The snow plow stops for nothing and no one.

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