Thursday, January 29, 2015

On Decoration and Compromise

So I've moved. You know this. And this apartment is unlike any other I've had because its a loft which means I have 16 or so foot ceilings and GIANT walls to cover. (And trust me they need to be covered because the last tenants did a crap job of patching and repainting their HUNDREDS of holes).

I am also living in sin with my boyfriend. (SORRY PARENTS!) They already know this but still.


Awkward family issues aside, I need to decorate this apartment and cover things up.  Chris came up with the idea to enlarge a photo and mount it on the wall. I'm totally on board with this idea. And I think it would be nice to let him pick it because the rest of the apartment is my furniture, arranged the way I want it, my rugs, my dishes, and the whole reason he's out here in Colorado is because of me and my job.  So its guilt. Guilt is forcing me to let him pick and hey, that's ok.

That is until he started showing me some of the things he'd like.


And I'm not saying its ugly or its bad art, but its just not something I want blown up to 8x10 and hung on my wall.

So we compromised: he picked out over 30 images and I got to go through a round of vetoes, narrowing it down to 6. And now I'm stumped. Won't you help? Which one would you want to look at in enormous proportions in your living room?

#1. Fox Bush (these are in no way the official titles of these works of art, or reflect my feelings on them, its just how I remember and reference.)

#2. Godzilla

#3 Ice cream

#4 Mouse Monster

#5 Tidal wave
#6 Pepto Bismol Explosion
To be honest, I don't really like number #4, the mouse monster. I think the colors are neat (that's official art curator phraseology)  but the weird mickey mouse with sharp teeth and crazy face... ehh I just don't know if I want to look at that all day. Chris says he thinks the painting represents the wind to which I say WHY IS THE WIND A MOUSE?

Would you be surprised if I said I'm kinda leaning towards Godzilla?

I never thought I would say those words. HELP.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Price up your life

Since when did it become standard practice not to price goods and services? The two main offenders in my life:

1. Cocktail menus
2. Doctors offices and all related drugs, procedures, and specialists.

I know the trick: just come in and have one margarita/MRI and we'll hook you with our delightful drink/medical technology and then slap you with a bill for far more than you would ever have paid if you had known the cost up front. Pleasure first, consequences second. (Ok MRI's do not equal pleasure but you get the idea.)

At any rate, this whole rant is sponsored by Orange Theory, a fitness studio kinda like Curves but men are allowed and the work outs are (presumably) more intense. My super-fit friend in Florida (that's you Erin!) told me about it and the thought process was thus: Erin does Orange Theory, Erin is fit-pretty-and-smart, I want to be fit-pretty-and-smart, therefore I want Orange Theory.

What a babe, right?
Alas Orange Theory had not made its way to Ohio and I was out of luck. But then I moved and found Orange Theory in Denver! Yay! So I, in my endless Cathy-comic-like-adventure to establish a steady workout routine, decided to look into it. You know, normal things like locations, schedule and price...Minutes of web searching later, I realized they weren't gonna give up the goods, at least not on price.

Well guess what, Orange Theory?  No prices? No Shelly. My current routine of sometimes walking up the stairs at work will have to suffice. And for that matter, I'll have my happy hours at home. AND diagnose my medical problems off WebMD. Probably at the same time! I'll invite friends, we'll make it a party. Here's your cocktail and your medical history questionnaire. Everyone get ready to think they have Lupus!

I know this isn't exactly "fitness motivation or goals" but its fitness adjacent, right? Would love to hear if you've ever tried Orange Theory!

Tiny editors update: I thought of a goal! Today is my last day of being on antibiotics.  I have been purposefully resting so as not to set myself back into sinus infection hell. My goal is to throw out this bottle of amoxicillin and throw on some sneakers and get moving again!


Sunday, January 25, 2015

Minimalism Game: Week 3

I am a little behind on posting my minimalism challenge pictures. I want to blame it on my being 
sick, but really I was just being lazy. Nevertheless,  junk was still collected and ejected from my home, it just took awhile to get photographed. Here's week three of the Minimalist game.

Day 15: Medicine cabinet rejects.  I mean, who wants to know how much they weigh? Not me. 

Day 16: Sports and sports injury equipment. 

Day 17: The stuff in this picture had been in a box since college and never opened until now. Its like a  time capsule. A time capsule full of absolute crap. 

Day 18: Old tee and jewelry odds and ends

Day 19: So many thrift shop shirts aka old work out shirts.

Day 20: Just so much crap. Plus cat salt and pepper shakers.

21: I went through my filing system and took out old folders I don't need anymore

Just one more week or 22+23+24+25+26+27+28+29+30= 234 more items to go!