Friday, September 19, 2014

I'm going underwater

It's the busy time of year at work. I'm putting in extra hours and its sapping my blogging energy which I hate. But woman can only spend so much time on a computer, so my posts will be few, far between, and short until October.

In the meantime, have a listen to a new (to me) artist: Mirah. When I first heard her I actually thought, "wow this is the first Lana Del Rey song I've ever liked!" Turns out it was Mirah. (I've tried to like Lana Del Rey, I just don't. SORRY CHARLIES.)

Thanks to the awkward DJ's on the college radio station for introdcing me to her. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Photo Essay: The Embodiment of Indignation

I swear I do more with my free time than torment this cat.

And I swear I didn't give him a bath just to take pictures of the hilarity that ensued.
Neither of us WANTED to bathe the claw-monster.
It was borne out of necessity, #pooppaws. 

We did not walk away unscathed so in exchange for our blood, he gets Internet shaming. Oh man, he'd be so mad if he knew how to work a computer.

Happy Monday.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Every Day Beauty Favorites

Alternate title: I did NOT wake up like this.
2nd alternate: My Superficial Side is my Best Side
3rd alternate: Hey look, I made a collage!

There are certain things I don't leave the house without wearing. Correction: there are certain things I would prefer not to leave the house without, but sometimes it happens. I'm sorry Walgreens, I walk inside you looking a hot mess more than I care to admit.

In a perfect world, I would never leave the threshold of my home without these on my person. For your consideration I present, my everyday beauty basics. Things that make me feel like a human:

1. Perhaps the most important: Mascara: L'Oreal Paris Voluminous in Brown-black. If I show up to work without mascara, people ask me pleasant questions like: Are you sick? Did you sleep last night? Why do you look so tired? Like I said: most important item on the list. I've tried wearing different brands but I keep coming back to L'Oreal. Its not flaky, actually makes my lashes look VOLUMINOUS, and affordable.

2. James Avery Heart Knot necklace. This was a birthday gift from my mom on my 21st birthday.  Its a sturdy sterling silver chain, so it withstands all the day to day stresses I put it through like showers, work outs and fiddling with it when I'm bored. I'm not suggesting you run out and buy THIS particular necklace, but rather, find staple/signature piece of jewelry.

3. Olay moisturizer. Every girl I've ever talked to about moisturizer swears by Olay Classic. So long as it is not 100% humidity outside, daily moisturizer is something I need. Even on really humid days I use it for the SPF protection. Fun fact:  I'm petrified of the sun. I'm so lacking in the melanin department, I burn worse than any one I know. Sun damage = wrinkles = no bueno.

4. Rosewood perfume from Banana Republic.  I don't like sicky sweet smells, so wearing perfume that smells like cotton candy or Taylor Swift (I imagine she smells like cookies for some reason. Cookies and rage) would be my idea of hell.   That's why I like Rosewood.  It's a subtle scent that mellows in the most pleasant way the longer you wear it. Smells woody and warm. Warms a smell, right? Right.

5. Boots No 7 Stay Perfect in Pink Angel. A little pink, a little shimmer, just enough to add some subtle (noticing a trend here?) color.  Boots is a UK based pharmacy chain, a la Walgreens or CVS in the US. Target has started carrying their products.

This is in no way a comprehensive list of all my beauty products. These are my tried and true, would pitch a fit if they were discontinued,  feel naked without them, products.

What would make you throw yourself down in the beauty aisle and cry if it was taken out of production?  Have you already gone through the trauma of losing a beloved beauty staple? Would love to know.
Linking up with Meet at the Barre. Truth time? I actually published this yesterday, which was Thursday.  I forgot about the Friday Favorites link-up! How silly of me, my mind is all a-jumble from work.  Forgive me?